Thursday, May 15, 2014

BRA Installation Art @ Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City

 by: Ruby Ann J. Puzon

14th May, twenty fourteen. Today, the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga BRA Installation Art will be moved from Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, (Mayor Vitaliano Agan Ave.) to Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City, PHILIPPINES "Asia’s Latin City". 
Why at Paseo del Mar? Paseo del Mar is known to be the City's best night life district. By day, the Paseo is a pleasant area to bring the entire family to—for a leisure brisk walking, jogging, resting and relaxing during early mornings and late afternoons. By night, people can see a well-lighted eight-arch entrance, with decent and clean eateries and entertainment and the tight 24- hour security, people can immediately feel secured to enjoy the sight even till late night. Because this is the place where people gather together during day and night, so it is the perfect place to reach peoples awareness.
This BRA (Brassiere to Raise Awareness campaign)is a project of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, Breast Wellness Center with the tag line

This is now known as Ciudad De Zamboanga BREAST .... With the effort of the Zamboanga City community as our partners for the realization of the CMZ BRA Art!    

Our goal is for the people not just in the community but to the entire Zamboanga Peninsula and in other regions in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, to be aware of Breast Cancer and Breast Wellness.

Credits to Mayor Isabel "Beng" Climaco, City Mayor , Mr. Antonio G. Orendain Jr., City Administrator and Mr. Joselito "Joey" Wee, OIC - Paseo del Mar for the approval and the overwhelming support of the CMZ Breast Cancer Awareness campaign project.

Indeed, our one fine day, turned out to be one of the most memorable and historic day for Ciudad Medical Zamboanga as we share to the community (Ciudad de Zamboanga – City of Zamboanga) the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness through the BRA (Bra to Raise Awareness) campaign project.

In humility, I would personally want to offer my thank you's to the following person who helped us in the transfer and travel of CMZ's BRA Installation Art.

Thank you Mr. Rameer Tawasil, International Artist
Thank you Paseo del Mar security and staff
Thank you Dr. George Rojo, for the transportation  
Thank you Maintenance/Engineering Section  
Thank you ASEGCO Janitorial personnel 
Thank you ANTHONY Security Agency Personnel  
Thank you Pharmacy Department Staff [Edsel, Rodel] 

Thank you CMZ Tricycle Drivers Association 
Thank you Richard, Medical Representative  
Thank you Radiology Department, [Regine, Cristina, Radtech Interns]

Thank you BOD and EXECOM for the support

FYI. For those who would want to personally witness and view or take photos of the BRA Installation Art, it is installed starting May 14, 2014 until July 15, 2014.
"Early Detection and Early Treatment Save Lives!"

CMZ BRA Installation Art: By Day 

CMZ BRA Installation Art: By Night


  1. Thank you indeed, Ma'am Ruby! Transferring such a gigantic bra is monumental by itself! Thanks to the Bayanihan spirit of all those who helped especially the Tricycle Drivers who supported the CMZ maintenance, Janitorial, Security, Pharmacy and Radiology staff! We salute you, all!

  2. Finally, Rameer Tawasil's great advocacy public installation art will be appreciated by the whole City of Zamboanga and visitors! Thanks so much for the support of the City Government for recognizing this CMZ project,

  3. We are so overwhelmed by the support given by the City of Zamboanga. People from Ciudad de Zamboanga will benefit this kind of campaign on breast cancer awareness and wellness. Our heart is so happy and overjoyed. Thank you Doc.